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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the service (Premier & Seasonal) work?

1/ Select your favorite style from our three categories: Scandinavian, Japanese & California-Cool.
2/ Confirm what room you’d like the style applied to, the type of articles you'd like to receive, your budget (+ confirm additional details).
3/ Premier Service: We’ll share with you a moodboard with a list of articles, shopping list and moodboard with inspirations, which you'll receive within five business days after submitting your request.
Seasonal Service: We'll share with you a moodboard with a list of articles and shopping list, which you'll receive within three business days after submitting your request.
4/ You decide if you’d like to go ahead and purchase the proposed articles, whenever and however you want.

How much does the service cost?

Premier Service: 145€ - Seasonal Service: 105€

We do all the work of an interior designer, spending the time to find the perfect articles for you. However we simplify the process by removing any back and forth exchanges or modifications, as well as providing a fully digital service. This allows us to reduce our fees, where as a traditional interior designer costs hundreds, or even thousands, for the same service.
Discover the differences between our Premier Service and Seasonal Service here.

Where can I see examples of the three interior design styles?

You can visit our Pinterest or Service page to discover more inspiration and information on these styles.

How long will it take to receive my request?

Premier Service: Five business days.
Seasonal Service: Three business days.

Can I make changes to my request after it’s been submitted?

Once your request has been placed, we’re unable to make any changes.

I don’t love all of the proposed articles on my moodboards and shopping list, can I ask for modifications?

No, this is why our service is more attractive in terms of pricing than a traditional interior designer. No back and forth exchanges or modifications, just one single streamlined service based on the information you’ve included in your request. If you’d like for us to share with you ideas for a different room, please go ahead and submit a new request which will include a new payment.

Why is your service so much more affordable than a traditional interior designer?

A traditional interior designer costs hundreds for a simple consultation, up to thousands for a full service installation. Instead, we think everyone should have access to beautiful design. Beautiful design without the complexity and the premium interior designer fee. We’re here to share with you the articles that a traditional interior designer has exclusive access to. However, we remove the back and forth exchanges, any obligation to purchase the proposed articles and offer a fully digital service. That’s what makes our pricing so attractive, as we remove these extra steps and simplify the process. We also shorten the time frame to less than a week to receive your articles, where as a traditional interior designer can several weeks or months. Based on the information you’ve included in your request, we’ll help you find the perfect articles to create a beautiful home.

How long are the articles on my shopping list available for?

We select articles from notable e-commerce retailers throughout Europe & the United States. If you’re interested in purchasing the proposed articles, we suggest not waiting too long as availability is based on each retailer’s own stock and quantities.

I need help decorating my room for a special event (Christmas, New Year’s). Can you help?

Yes, for special events throughout the year, such as Christmas or New Year's, we propose our Seasonal Service.
Discover more about our Seasonal Service here

Where do you find your articles?

All of our articles are thoughtfully sourced from unique brands and retailers, based on the style you’ve chosen in your request form. We’re here to propose distinct, beautiful objects - for example, you won't find products on your list from Ikea, Maison du Monde or Casa.

Where is your service available?

Our service is available in Europe & the United States. Based on your request, we’ll select e-commerce retailers and products available in your region.

What type of articles will I receive in my shopping list?

In your request form for our Premier Service, we ask you to confirm what types of articles you'd like to receive: "Furniture & Objects", "Objects only" or "Furniture only". Based on the option you've confirmed, you'll receive these types of articles on your moodboard and shopping list. Furniture can include articles such as sofas, chairs and tables. Objects can include articles such as vases, lamps, accessories and candles. For our Seasonal Service, only the choice of "Objects only" is available for the type of articles that you'd like to receive. Since seasonal articles are generally available for a limited time only, please also keep in mind that options and brands are limited compared to our Premier Service.