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Document showcasing a moodboard with various home decoration articles, arranged creatively.



Premier Service
+ options
Interior design advice, which includes a proposal of a list of 15 articles. 100% digital.
Our service includes: Three PDF documents.
Shopping list
Moodboard with inspirations

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Service offerings
Our service includes:
Three PDF documents.
Curated specifically for you. This document includes 15 articles with their precise details.
*Moodboard definition: A moodboard is a digital collage that is composed of images, text and objects.
Shopping list**
With article details, brand links and direct links to purchase. We let you decide if you’d like to go ahead and purchase the proposed articles, whenever and however you want.
**Shopping list definition: List of things to buy.
Moodboard with inspirations
To help you in the overall completion of your project. These real-life examples are the perfect tips, highlighting potential ways of styling your home and articles.
5 business days
You'll receive your service within 5 business days via a secure link to download your PDFs.
Online request form
≃ 1 minute
Click on "Get started today". Then, fill out our easy to use online request form to share with us your request. It's that easy and only takes 1 minute!
Select your style
Select the type of style that you'd like applied to your room between the options below. You can also choose a mix of all three if you'd like a varied selection of styles.
Adjustable budget
Our service includes adjustable budget options to meet your individual needs. Select between one of the three budget ranges in your request form. The total amount of your entire list of articles will fit into this budget range. For example, large articles could have a higher price point compared to small decorative articles.
€€: 2000€ up to 5000€ max.
€€€: 5000€ up to 10 000€ max.
€€€€: 10 000€+.
Select your articles
In your request form, select which articles you'd like to receive: either Furniture + Objects or only Objects. For furniture, this varies on the type of room you've selected but can include: tables, sofas, chairs, benches, stools, and more. For objects, the same applies but can include: vases, candle holders, books, rugs, lamps, decorative objects, small furniture and more.
Furniture + Objects
Select your room
In your request form, select which room you'd like your type of articles applied to.
Living room
Dining room
Child's bedroom


let’s transform your home.
Exclusive access to the articles that an interior designer would propose, without the complexity or designer fee. We curate for you a selection of of thoughtfully chosen home decor, from objects to furniture, which perfectly capture your desired style, all year round.
Premier vs. Seasonal
Premier Service
A proposal of a list of 15 total articles
Three PDF documents:
(1) Moodboard
(2) Shopping list
(3) Moodboard with inspirations
Request Form:
Full choice of rooms
Full options
365 Days:
Service available
365 days a year
Received within 5 business days
Seasonal Service
A proposal of a list of 10 total articles
Two PDF documents:
(1) Moodboard
(2) Shopping list

Request Form:
Limited choice of rooms
Limited options
Limited Period:
Service available for a limited period throughout the year,
for special events and holidays
Received within 3 business days

How does it work?

Choose your
favorite style.
Select your room
& budget...
Receive your
Decorate your
1. Choose your favorite style from our three categories:
Scandinavian, Japanese or California-Cool.
2. Select your room, budget & more...
Premier: Full range of options.
3. Receive your service.
Premier: Three PDF documents (*received within five business days).
4. Decorate your home.
You decide if you’d like to purchase the proposed articles,
whenever and however you want.
Thanks to the information that you’ve included in your request, we’ll take care of all the rest.
This simplifies our interior design service, meaning no to one-to-one meetings or back and forth exchanges.
Our three styles


Scandinavian design refers to a design movement and aesthetic that originated in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland during the early to mid-20th century. This design principle is the perfect blend of light spaces, clean lines and modern pieces, which is equally minimalistic yet functional. It’s all about simplicity, functionality, craftsmanship and timelessness.
Scandinavian Pinterest Board


Japanese design blends simplicity, natural elements, and a deep appreciation for the imperfections in life. Japanese design often emphasizes the elimination of unnecessary elements, which can be seen in architecture and interior design. This design principle is all about nature, harmony, balance, imperfection, textures and finding beauty in everyday objects.
Japanese Pinterest Board


California-Cool design is a style and aesthetic that is associated with the state of California in the United States, particularly Southern California. It has gained recognition for its unique blend of elements that reflect laid-back luxury, casual elegance, sustainability, versatility, meaningful objects and an outdoor-oriented lifestyle. This design principle is all about valuing a relaxed yet sophisticated approach to living.
California-Cool Pinterest Board