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Brand Spotlight: Kristina Dam Studio

If you’re looking for simple, functional and beautiful Danish design, look no further than Kristina Dam Studio. The brand, established in 2012, was originally founded to create industrial design with an art-based approach, to make art and interior design merge, both within furniture, accessories, art prints and illustrations.
Sculptural minimalism is the essence behind the creations by Kristina Dam Studio. This includes designs with character, style and a bold expression that will add something extra to each interior. The sculptural quality and approach are visible in all designs and include materials like ceramic, terracotta, wood and steel. Every piece is made from solid materials ensuring longevity and durability. Sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful, and easy to fit into any space or home, adding a unique and bold statement to the interior. Every design from Kristina Dam Studio has a distinct Scandinavian and architectural expression that is easily recognisable.
Discover some of our favorite pieces by Kristina Dam Studio below: