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Destination: Eve Rest Point

Eve Rest Point is an idyllic retreat, which is hidden in nature and has been created to practice the art of slow living. Designed by Elin Imperial Institute, this Tibetan homestay is nestled in Shangri La, Yunnan.
The retreat features sixteen beautifully designed rooms in a “wabi-sabi” style, including open living spaces. The overall design, from its architecture to its interior, includes elements from the region’s deep culture. Its design equally integrates contemporary furniture, lighting and objects for a harmonious balance of old and new. Local stone, wood and materials, as well as local suppliers were used in the completion of the project. To make the space feel rustic and lived in, charcoal was used to decolorize the wood throughout the space. The perfect place to relax in nature and to enjoy the art of slow living.
Discover Eve Rest Point below: