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Brand Spotlight: Audo Copenhagen

This month, we’re loving Audo Copenhagen, a Danish design brand that has been developed from uniting together MENU, The Audo and by Lassen. Audo Copehnhagen is known for its “soft minimalism”, which is characterized by clean lines, calm, subtle strength, earth tones and nature’s materials crafted with utmost respect. The term “soft minimalism” promotes creative contemplation and harmony. The Scandinavian brand designs furniture, lighting and interior accessories and is known for their attention to detail as well as usage of high-quality materials. Their products are the perfect mix of quiet luxury, minimalist design and modern interiors.
To find (and even test) the brand’s products in person, you can visit Audo House, a unique concept in Copenhagen, Denmark that opened in 2019, which unites a café, restaurant and concept shop, as well as an exclusive residence-hotel in a single, community-building universe. It's the perfect place to discover the brand's products, as well as a bit of living room design inspiration, bedroom decorating ideas and overall interior styling tips.
Discover below some of our favorite products from Audo Copenhagen:
Brasilia Lounge Chair
JWDA Table Lamp
Interconnect Candle Holder
Carrie Table Lamp
Échasse Vase
Kettle Teapot